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A 25 ML/day process water treatment plant at a copper mine in the DRC was repaired and upgraded in association with Golder Associates Africa. The upgrade comprised of:

- pH correction and inline mixing was added.

- Lime makeup and automated dosing system was installed.

- Existing clarifier was cleaned and additional volume was created by upgrading it with V-notch weirs. 

- Gravity sand filter system was refurbished and received new nozzles, filter media, inlet and backwash pipework and valves, level sensors and other associated pipework.

- The main pump station was upgraded with new transfer and backwash pumps. 

- New air scour blowers was installed.

- The flocculent dosing system was repaired and received new pumps and associated pipework.

- A new compressor and air dryer was installed for the new pneumatic requirement for the plant. 

- The plant was completely automated with new process and analytical instrumentation, duty/standby pumps, dosing perportional to flow and pH, automatic air scour and backwash of filters, automatic flushing of lime makeup system.

- The complete works were incorporated into the main scada system of the mine.

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